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Founded in 2020 we specialize in hand crafted Wax Melts, Candles alongside modern decor.

We have carefully selected products to elevate the energy in your home or car. to ensure the vibes linger long after the flame has extinguished.

We also have other natural scented products for the home & car which will help with everyday wellbeing.

Our products are natural and safe for pets to be around with an affordable price tag.

Not only should your Home & Car smell amazing, with each scent you choose it should also be a fun way to show off your personality.

make your surroundings a more relaxing place to

“Melt Into Perfect Harmony”


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    Why Choose Us?

    The Home

    The Home

    Long scented wax melts
    Tealight & electric wax warmers
    Reed diffusers
    Room mist
    Carpet granules
    The Car

    The Car

    Long lasting scented
    Car vent clip
    Car humidifier
    Car mist
    Carpet granules


    Room mist
    Bespoke wax melts
    Personalised wax
    Burners for any occasion

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